My like of public speaking goes back to my junior school days, as young as ten, I enjoyed narrating for school plays. At secondry school, speaking in front of large numbers of people was encoraged by our headmaster Mr Worthington - every morning at assembly classes in all years had to address the whole school.


When I became a member of the Territorial Army I was already used to talking in front of people - I became an instructor and specialised in First Aid. Again in my week day job with the bank, I chaired lots of meetings and often ran training courses. So when I was asked if I did talks about my pots, I thought what a good idea.


I have now done many demonstrations for church, gardening and ladies groups. In 2012, after passing an audition, I become a listed speaker for the Womens Institute.


If you are part of a group and would like to see how I make my pots, please contact me using my CONTACTS page or call us on 01282 779896


Also my partner Matt and I have a musical evening where Matt plays a wide variety of tunes with plenty of chances for audience participation, also talks about the instruments he plays ( banjo, mandolin, ukelale, guitar and mouth organ). We also tell you of the history behind the songs we perform


Additionally we have a talk about a year long trip we took in a motorhome around the USA, this includes slides, music, quizes and more.


More recently we have started to organise quizzes, these can be general or tailored to specific topics, both with entertaining ways of delivery - please call us for more details.



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